Why should you invest in Cardiff Bay?

Why should you invest in Cardiff Bay?

There are always questions for property investors that need answering. Should you buy a freehold property in Cathays or a leasehold in Cardiff Bay, both do have their advantages. Leasehold properties are usually cheaper than most freeholds to buy, they can have some serious yields which in turn creates excellent cash flow for buy to let landlords. There is always the speculation over service charge, however, you are getting a service provided. The building will be insured and the cost will be split amongst the other leasehold owners, can you imagine if the roof needed replacing on your freehold property? That cost would have to be footed by you.

Some say that a freehold is more favourable as you would own the land, but it’s never as easy as that. The growing demand in Cardiff Bay is inviting more developers to build in this wonderful location. More and more young professionals are looking to relocate to Cardiff Bay, with great transport links and an excellent nightlife a stone throw away you can’t blame them.

The big question is capital growth or a high yield? Maybe you could have both!

With recent and new investment Cardiff Bay’s property price tags have hit the one million mark and will keep rising. Developments such as Empire House’s penthouse have taken standards to another level, and I don’t doubt there will be more to come. With this in mind, investment in Cardiff Bay has never looked more promising. Investing in a leasehold in Cardiff Bay now could prove advantageous for the future, with the price tag on the average leasehold at around £145,000 and the average yield at 7% this is a fantastic return on investment. That’s the yield covered, but is there much capital growth to be had on your properties in Cardiff Bay? Since 2003, the average leasehold has increased from £118,000 to £145,000, that’s an increase of around 23%. We have already seen the effects of recent investment on the Cardiff Bay’s property market and with more investment to come, such as the military museum in replacement for the old train station, new developments surrounding the Mermaid Quay, the average leasehold is only going to increase, and quickly!

Cadogan House

Cadogan House offers a choice of 23 brand new 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. These contemporary apartments are situated in the prime location of the Mount Stuart Conservation Area. This exciting and unique development comprises an existing building, now restored to its former glory, and a modern new addition, all built to conserve the built environment in which the apartments stand. Keylet are proud to be part of such an exciting development, with over 40% reserved there are still some apartments still available. Prices range from £125,000 – £129,000 for a one bedroom and £170,000 – £195,000 for a two bedroom, great opportunities for investors and first time buyers.

Take a look at the show home apartment through Keylet VR link below:


If you would like any more information on Cadogan house do not hesitate to contact our sales team at our Cardiff Bay branch on 02920 489000 (option 1).

Published: August 22, 2017