Saving students over £250 on taxis

Saving students over £250 on taxis

This was our third week of running our free keylet taxi service for students in Cathays, and we were glad to see our ‘regulars’ and more students taking advantage of the service. At one point, all four cars were out, so that we could make sure the Welsh Society arrived safely at Cardiff’s newest venue, Popworld.

It’s great to see the students using the service, and we always get asked why we have put on the scheme, so here’s why…

“Keylet is a local business and is part of the community of Cathays, so whether you are Keylet tenant or not we want to do our part in Cathays to make it a safe place to live!”

By working out the average taxi fare, so far we have saved students over £250!

We hope you have all enjoyed the service so far, we will be back for our final week, next Wednesday 24th February 7pm-9pm.

Keep an eye out on our KEYLET NEWS page as well as our social media channels to find out when the service will run next.

See you next week!

Published: February 18, 2016