Llamau’s sleep out – the Keylet story

Llamau’s sleep out – the Keylet story

Keylet participated in this year’s Sleep Out, which took place outside Cardiff City Stadium, where the Keylet staff graciously swapped their warm cosy beds, for a night of sleeping on the cold hard floor!

The night started on a light note, all the teams had an hour to build their shelter from nothing more than cardboard, tape and tarpaulin. The Keylet team began to make their fortress aptly named ‘Keylet Towers’ which even featured, two turrets and a mechanical drawbridge. With the ‘Go Compare’ man as the independent judge, we were proud to walk away with ‘Best Structure’ for our fortress and we’re pleased to say it lasted the whole night.

We were then kindly fed by the Llamau team, with chilli con carne, vegetable soup and Domino’s pizza as a midnight feast. Being able to help ourselves to unlimited tea and coffee helped keep us warm too. It was also an enjoyable evening when they put on the silent disco until the early hours of the morning, where everyone seemed to be dancing to keep distracted from the cold. At first, the events from the evening make you think its sounds more like a festival, right? That soon changed once the party was over.

From 1am, when the entertainment finished and everyone went to ‘bed’ we were faced with the harsh reality that we would spend the next 6 hours outside in the cold, trying to sleep in our cardboard shelters. 4am was a particularly difficult hour, where the cold really sets in and you realise you miss your pillow and duck-feather down duvet more than you know. Even when someone makes a slight turn, with nine of us sardined in a fortress, you quickly realise that you’ve lost the luxury of ‘personal space’. At 6am we were allowed to ‘get up’, grab a breakfast roll and leave, and to paint you a picture of how cold it was, we had to de-ice our cars before we left.

It isn’t until you reach the comforts of your own home that you suddenly realise that a night like this happens to thousands of people across the UK every night. And when you think that we were protected from many other risks that homeless people experience it makes you realise how important raising awareness for this charity is. Overall we raised over £800 and with offline donations still being collected we are hoping to reach the £1,000 mark. Thank You for everyone who sponsored us and it’s still not too late, you can donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Keylet a huge thank you to Llamau for a well-organised event and to all the kind and helpful staff that looked after us through the night. See you next year!

Published: November 14, 2016