Home staging can achieve a higher rental yield

Home staging can achieve a higher rental yield

Home staging, can be a very important factor when it comes to selling your home, not only can it make a property highly desirable but it can also help to achieve a higher rental yield. From updated furniture and bedding, to lighting and table-top furnishings, there is a lot that can be done to improve a property’s internal appearance. By giving the property a homely feel you can help showcase the impressive features available and maximise the use of space, ensuring a home caters for family buyers or busy professionals.

Home staging, can benefit both sales and rental properties, with rental furniture usually as an ‘after-thought’ for Buy-to-let landlords. In Cardiff, the rentals are most commonly preferred as furnished and how the property is dressed can help prospective renters see themselves living in the property. With the buy-to-let market already toughening, some simple steps to home staging can really help, and landlords/vendors that are pro-active with this can look to maximise yields.

With more people than ever living within the private rented sector, the expectations have never been higher – and that includes not only a safe and functioning home but an appealing interior also. From a landlords prospective, dressing a property can also prove lucrative. Whether you are an individual, accidental or portfolio landlord, anyone can benefit from the appeal of a well-dressed home.

Home staging is not just about interior design, it is also about curb-appeal and a marketing tool so that the property appeals to the widest possible audience of relevant renters and not to the personal taste of the landlord. Whilst it’s not suited to every property, there is no denying the possible impacts that it can have.

Dress to let is not suited to every property, but there is no denying the possible impacts that it can have, with various design schemes available to suit the individual characteristics and space requirements of different properties.

Published: March 21, 2017