For our student tenants  of Cardiff, the time has come to pack up and move on, whether that is back to parents, relocating for your first graduate job, or moving on to another house in Cardiff! Keylet are here, to make sure we help make the move as stress-free as possible and to ensure the return of the all-important bond deposit to you (or your Mum and Dad). As letting agents, our job is to make sure the property is returned to us in a satisfactory condition, with the help of the inventory you were issued when you first moved in. We use the inventory as a guide so we both know how to expect the property to be returned. By now you should have already made an appointment so that we can complete a check-out inspection and you can return your keys. Below, we’ve put together a handy guide to make sure you don’t miss a trick!

1. Keys

Basically, we’d like them back please! They should all be appropriately labelled and handed to the agent at the final inspection. Every key must be returned and allocated for.

2. Utility Bills

On your last day at the property, make sure you note the electricity, gas and water meter readings (take a pic, it’s easier!). These will be your closing readings that you will need to provide to your utility provider in order to close down the account. You are responsible for the bills until the end of the contract regardless of whether you leave earlier and these bills are super important when it comes to getting your bond back. We ask that every tenancy should provide proof that the final bill has been paid and the account is closed in order to return your bond.

3. Cleaning

No excuses! The property must be fully cleaned and tidied prior to moving out. If you haven’t cleaned the oven all year, then it might be worth considering getting a cleaner in, this way you can rest easy knowing they’ve done all the hard-work and you are in a better position to get that bond back! If you are going to tackle the property yourself, here are some handy tips, room by room.

Kitchen: – Empty the cupboards, clean the work surfaces and floors, oven and grill, fridge and freezer (this should be defrosted and switched off with the door left opened).

Bathroom: – All tiles and grouting cleaned, both walls and floor. Mouldy sealants need to be scrubbed and cleaned, if this is cleaned down after use there should be no long term staining.

Lounge: – Hoover the carpet (behind and under the sofas will be checked!), all other furniture wiped down and cleaned.

Bedrooms: – All personal items removed, hoover and clean (again we’ll be checking behind and under the beds!).

4. Rubbish

All rubbish and unwanted items need to be disposed of by you, try and time this in with the bin collection days, otherwise you can get fined for leaving rubbish bags outside the property. Leave them in the property, and we would have to send someone in and you would be charged for their removal.

5. Rent

The bond deposit cannot be used towards the final rent payment and we can only return the bond, if there are no arrears on the account.

6. Light Bulbs

We no likey, no lighty! (Sorry couldn’t help ourselves). Your tenancy agreement states that it is your responsibility to make sure all lightbulbs are in working order before you leave. If they are missing or not working at the check-out inspection you will be charged for the replacements.

7. Damages

Damages include things such as, wall damage by nails or blue tack, furniture damage by stains and tears, damages by bikes being stored in the property, condensation due to lack of ventilation and negligent use of showers. If any of the above, or similar has happened over the course of your tenancy, it is your responsibility to put it right. Use your inventory as a guide, to establish what your responsibility is and what may already be there.

Once you’re done, chill out, kick back and maybe play some PS4 boxing games!

By following the above points, you will be ensuring the speedy process of your deposit return. At Keylet, the bond deposit refund will be processed (providing there are no disputes) within 10 days from the date that Keylet receive proof of final bills. So all that’s left is to say, from everyone at Keylet, happy move and thank you for letting with us! If you are coming to the end of your studies and are now working in Cardiff, we can still help with all your lettings needs, contact one of our lettings negotiators based in Cardiff Bay on 02920489000.

Published: June 23, 2016