Cladding nightmare solution

Cladding nightmare solution

There has been a huge outcry over the last 12 months, when it came to light that thousands of luxury, high rise apartments in Cardiff Bay have cladding issues which are causing them to be unsaleable. 

This can feel catastrophic to the people who have bought them, and they feel trapped in a cycle of possessing an unsaleable property. With mortgages being virtually impossible to get, due to flammable polystyrene cladding being used in the construction of the properties, it is difficult for people to exit the situation successfully.  A potential buyer was found for one apartment but ‘was unable to secure a mortgage’ as the two organisations were unable to ‘agree in writing’ to remove the cladding.

There has been strong collaboration between the Welsh Government and residents to tackle the issue. The Senedd issued a statement saying that ‘Steps have already been taken, and are ongoing, to remediate non-compliant ACM cladding on buildings across Wales’. This gives hope to all of those wishing to move on, and people wishing to move into the area. Cardiff Bay is famous for its beauty, marina and beautiful restaurants and bars, so this news is welcome in Wales.

However, if you are looking for a way out of your property before then, we can help. Keylet Executive Lettings has provided a fantastic service to residents of Cardiff Bay for over 20 years. We are well positioned to rent your property to give you an exit from your situation. With demand higher than ever in Cardiff, why not make the most of the buoyant rental market in Wales? 

With impeccable customer service, we guarantee to be here for you through the journey of your property rental, and even help you with finding your next dream home.

Published: December 11, 2020